12 March 2013


I am developing a new project for FH Aachen's engineering department and design academy maastricht's jewelry design department.
Students of these two studies learn to speak two entirely different kinds of language. One searches for the single optimum technical solution while the other has to convince you why one very personal choice out of a million is indeed good.
3D-printing and rapid prototyping pose and excellent playground for both kinds of students be thrown into one-on-one teams.
The stepped surface of an object coming out of a maker bot is something engineers think should be eliminated in the future. Designers on the other hand might find this kind of sparkly flip-flop surface structure inspiring and that these 'deficiencies' can be used as a basis for a form, a surface or an object e.g. a piece of jewelry.
Working on the designs from both perspectives could hone the students' 'intercultural' communication skills for working successfully and optimistically in interdisciplinary industry product development teams the sometime in their future after university.
The name for this project will be 'SURFACE CLASH' and it is starting now :-)