24 March 2011

ROSEY & LACEY featured in BLONDE (D)

better late than never.
ROSEY broche & LADY DE LACEY bracelet featured in BLONDE 03.2010 issue.

12 March 2011

fresh catwalk video

My PEARLY and ROSEY collections are on the catwalk at one of Germany's leading fashion trade shows CPD SIGNATURES in Düsseldorf Germany.

SUN 6 FEB 17:30h    MON 7 FEB 14:30h    TUE 8 FEB 14:30h
on the catwalk, event area hall 13.

PYG is featured as well, different schedule, same catwalk.

08 March 2011

BLICKFANG Stuttgart coming up

BLICKFANG is the established name for design shopping bliss. after vienna and zürich again in stuttgart. this is THE oportunity to buy directly from the designer.

booth 4.25. also there with me: PYG, Sascha Bogner and Peter Freund.