28 November 2007

fabian's work at ADDICTLAB

At designbrussels we met Elke of ADD!CTLAB. A great company! We want to be part of their sphere. Fabian's work is now featured on their site.

16 November 2007

ROSEY collier featured by design academy maastricht

Fabian's brand new ROSEY collier is featured by the FILM NOIR .. LES PERLES GRIS project of design academy maastricht
Go see at WOONEVENT MECC Maastricht (NL)
14 - 18 nov 2007

13 November 2007


THE LACEYs will be featured at WOONEVENT MECC Maastricht (NL) at the MIXED DESIGN NL B D stand
PYG, NINA FÜHRER, PETER FREUND and SACHA LANNOYE are partners in crime as well
Made by Nicole Uniquole's UNIQUOLE tentoonstellingen
14 - 18 nov 2007

THE LACEYs at bonnefanten museum shop

Fabian's LACEYs, COMMUNICATORs and HEALERs will be participating in a show at the famous BONNEFANTEN museum shop in Maastricht (NL)
Made by Chequita Nahar's EDITIONS SHOWROOM and her PRECIOUS DUTCH show concept
14 - 18 nov 2007