25 June 2010

my first lecture at FH aachen

for 3rd year engineering students. upcoming tuesday 29 june 2010. adrenalin already flowing heavily.

press clippings from japan

july 2010 issue of jewelit mag from tokyo japan:

24 June 2010

graduation show ABK maastricht

this promises to be worth a long visit:
2 - 4 july 2010
10 - 17h

19 June 2010

across the borders festival starts

our city of aachen started its across the borders festival today at 14h on katschhof square in the middle of aachen's historic city center.
designmetropole aachen will contribute a designers zoo in 2011, and did a little marketing stunt to promote it.

11 June 2010

i beta festival heerlen

heerlen NL is the first dutch city to be shrinking. the city of heerlen, the zachte g network and the great gang of driezesnul organized the WOW!- i_beta-festival about all of us being in beta mode. great keynote speakers, great workshops. me, patricia and sascha also did one on design business experiences.
fruitful discussions with designers, city planners and cultural managers.